Museum of Transportation Indonesia

October 25, 2013, to coincide with my 19th birthday. Me and my two friends, Meivy and Irvin went to the museum of transportaion located in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Jakarta. This was our first time to the museum of transportation. Only by paying a ticket for 2000 rupiah, we’ve been able to enjoy all the facilities and collections of the museum that attracts attention.

After passing through the main gate of the museum, we were welcomed by the railroad tracks that cross the main road, along doorstop and train itself. This rail is long enough to surround the entire area of ​​the museum. In addition, there are several trains with the original scale. There is a collection of locomotives from ancient times to modern times and even train Indonesia’s first president. There are also collections of Indonesian first airplane Garuda Indonesia, with the original scale too. However, unfortunately the plane was in the renovation.

Once satisfied to see the collections outside the museum, we immediately went to collection room. Inside the main building, there is a wide collection of transportation by land, air, and sea. Greeted by two models the first cab in Indonesia. Looks old class but still showed valor and antique. Then, there oplet, very famous citizen transportaion at that time. I just know that oplet stands open cabriolet.

Then we are presented with collections of transportation miniature, along with its description. Transportation miniature from ancient to modern times. There are all kinds miniature of trains and planes. There’s even a pride of Jakarta people, miniature of Transjakarta, to miniature and mockups Jakarta future transportation Mass Rapid Transportation. These models are very detailed, from the side of the basement, the main building and in the surrounding buildings.

Once satisfied being on the 1st floor, we headed to the second floor. Presented by a variety of other transportation. We were greeted by a statue of traffic control officers and first public transportation in Indonesia shaped carriage drawn by horses. On the second floor contains a wide range of motorcycle, scale model ship, some clothes of transport officers, such as machinists, drivers, pilots and captains. there is even a collection of ancient railroad crossings regulator.

Having satisfied after visiting all areas of museum, we were rest for a moment sitting on the train tracks as we photographed, self-camera and review what we do today. And the our visit to the museum of transportation is ends.


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